Keynote Speaker

Simon Wilkinson

Multi-award winning and internationally renowned transmedia storyteller, Simon Wilkinson, delivered the keynote speech at the 2018 SDSW Festival.

Simon Wilkinson stands at the lectern and speaks into a microphone

The topic of Simon’s keynote was “Virtual Reality as a Punk Moment”

Virtual Reality arrives at an interesting time in terms of how culture is made and consumed. Audience trends show a dramatic shift away from the passive and linear to greater and more meaningful interactivity. Free software and access to education allow individuals to more easily become self-producers of content across multiple platforms. Huge changes are upon us! In many ways, VR is part of an ultimate punk moment, a democratisation of media where anyone willing to take the journey can start telling their story in a powerfully immersive way.

Specialising in immersive technologies and transmedia storytelling since 2008, Simon’s virtual reality artworks have been enjoyed in 21 nations across six continents, most recently in Qatar for Doha Film Institute’s QUMRA Festival.

“Having Simon Wilkinson as our keynote speaker is such a coup for our Festival, and our state.” 
Festival Steering Committee Chair, Lee Witczak