The Committee

Lee Witzcak – Chairperso

12046834_957116431015831_4126229681091110663_nAfter participating in the first film workshops run by the UK’s Oska Bright Film Festival, I joined the SDSW Steering Committee when it was set up back in 2011. The quality and creativity of the media produced were outstanding leading to my continued involvement in the adventure that has become and is Sit Down Shutup and Watch Film & New Media festival.

Developments in new technologies mean we [people with learning disability] can easily get involved in telling our own stories and be part of a social revolution- giving us a voice!

Lorcan Hopper– Steering Committee MemberLorcan Armature pic_small

I love movies and storytelling, my favourites are all eight Harry Potter movies….. I learn film and new media with Tutti and it’s great fun.  I am also an actor, dancer and choreographer and love putting music in my dance works and films.  I participated in a film making course with the crew from Oska Bright and then I was lucky enough to attend their international film festival in the UK in 2011. I was really inspired by so many great films made by people with disability and I met some of the film makers.   I am very proud and happy to be on the SDSW steering committee and I’m very excited for the next  festival.   SEE YOU THERE!


1149458_10152077373561729_173069089_o 11.13.02 am

James Kurtze- Award Winning Filmmaker and Steering Committee Member

I started making films when I was still at school. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Phillip Griffin and Pavlos Soteriou at Tutti Arts. Phillip and Pavlos helped me develop my filmmaking skills morphing my photos of my cat Dexter to create fantastical new media images.

I won my first award for Eye TV at the 2013 Oska Bright Film Festival. Since then I’ve won two more- SDSW 2014 and Picture This Canada 2015! I’m now working on Eye TV 2!



Matthew Wauchope – Workshop Facilitator and Steering Committee Member

I have been interested in films and film making since I was very, very young – before I started primary school. I have always wanted to be involved in story telling and making films; I love the process and the creativity involved.

My favourite shows are Dr Who, Monty Python, Shanghai Knights, Arrow and Avengers.

New technology makes it possible for anyone to be involved. I want to encourage lots of people to get involved because is it a great way of being creative.


Sam Charles (on leave)

1172734_10152077373456729_1077534001_oI love collecting movies that make me laugh, cry and have sentimental value. A few of my favourites are Space Jam, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Looney Tunes: Back in Action. Whether films make you feel sad, or happy; they get you away from reality- that’s what I love most.

I am the creative force behind our festival logo! I wanted people to take notice of us- to sit down, shutup and WATCH! We want to encourage people to listen and watch films made by people like us, people with a learning disability, as we have stories to tell from a whole new perspective. We believe that anything is possible and the success of our first film festival is proof of that!

Aileen Pomeroy- Steering Committee Member

As a person with my own troubles with learning new things, I still finAileenPomeroy1d the challenge of learning something new rewarding (in this case, I’m new to film making). I encourage others, no matter what they struggle with, to try something new; such as filmmaking. Why? Because it helps you get in touch with your creative side, it keeps your mind active, you learn to communicate better with people and as a result you feel more confident in yourself. Also for those who find learning difficult, just learn at your own pace and do not be afraid to ask for help, don’t give up.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” – John Heywood.







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