Reaching Out, Over and Over

Filmmakers:  A Collective.

Organisation: Shopfront Youth Arts Co-Op

Country: Australia

Synopsis:  An experiment in illusion, movement, space and time. A daily routine is interrupted. Is there something or someone reaching out to you?

“What I enjoyed about it was being able to express yourself in your own way by going about your daily routine and putting it together to make a story. I learned about what other people do in their day to day life and that we can really show that to everyone.”  Chloe (20yrs. Bodylines 5 years, Harness Emerging Artist)

“The project helped me as an artist to step out of my comfort zome and try something new. I felt included because my ideas were listened to and I participated.”  Brianna (15yrs. Bodylines 5 years)

reaching out over and over