2014 Festival

Our screening program for the first Sit Down Shutup and Watch Film & New Media Festival..

Films About Relationships:

Films That Make Us Think – Part 1:


Films That Make Us Dance & Sing:

Films That Make Us Smile:

Spooky Stuff:

International Showcase
Best of the Oska Bright Film Festival
(United Kingdom)
The Other Dreamers  (Israel) 

Special Screening
A Reason to Stay 

Filmmakers Forum
A panel discussion about process and experience across topics which include the screen industry, developments in technology which assist learning disability artists in producing their work, and overcoming barriers within the industry.

Presented by Special Guests from the film, health and Barossa communities for the following categories:
Awareness (Our Story)
Best Animation
Best Overall
Best Special Effects
Funniest Film
Best Music Video
Most Original Film
Best New Media and Video Art
The Hive Award
The People’s Choice Award (announced at the ‘Best of the Fest’ on Saturday 8 November at Adelaide Studios)

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