Oska Bright International Showcase

Organisation: Oska Bright

Country: United Kingdom


The Oska Bright FIlm Festival is the original award winning international film and digital media festival that features work made by people with a learning disability.

After visiting Tutti Arts in 2011, the Oksa Bright team inspired the creation of the Sit Down, Shut Up and Watch Film & New Media Festival.

A Carousel and Junk TV project, this special screening session will feature a showcase of the best films selected for Oska Bright  since it first began in 2003.

To learn more about Oska Bright visit: www.carousel.org.uk/projects/oska-bright-film-festival/

The Best of Oska Bright 2013 feature:
Justin & the Priceless Vase
King Ivan Ooze (stop motion animation)
Championship Egg and Spoon Race (comedy)
Something Fishy (animation)
Africa At Ten (comedy)
It’s Alright I’m Awesome (music video)
The Blob Returns (comedy)
Connaught Royale (cut paper animation)
Wake Up! (comedy)