2016 Film Guide

Award Winning Films:

Drumming is Like Thunder


I am Runner

Pinning Down on Luck

The Dandy Lion

The Escape Artists



All 2016 Festival Films

A Crack in Everything
A Walk in the Woods
A World for All
Aptitude with Attitude
Coco Butter
Creatures of the Revolution
Double Trouble in the Park
Enter the Dean
Fool’s Gold
Football Frenzy
Halo Three
Hard Core on Tour
I really want to get to know you
Kakilima Part 1
Kakilima Part 2
Lorcan’s Rap
Love & Peace
Mahalo Dino
Murder in the Barossa
Music & Me
Now I Play Soccer
OMG Cola
Pasquale’s Processes
Road Trip
Sam’s Daydream
Sara’s Film
Supermarket Stories
The Big Adventure
The Chosen One
The Dance:  Dancing for people with Parkinson’s
The Flag
The Story Behind Shedding Light Through the Eyes of James Kurtze
This is Blocky
Walking on the Beach
Waltzing Matilda
Worst Holiday Ever