Music and Dance

Let’s dance!

Mirrors and the Message by Marie Lavis (France)


A visual and musical journey through celebrating, expressing and embracing life, with all its imperfections and wonders.

Let Go by the Arty Party (United Kingdom)


Breaking by SA Health Breakaway Productions (South Australia)


Friends dancing together in a favourite place helps everyone to have a good time.

Stille Vann by Annette Wirtz and Barner 16 (Germany)


A claymation of the song by Norwegian singer, songwriter Siri Nilson, reminds us that life can get tough when you’re in still waters, but that friends can get us through.

A Safe Place to Rest by the Arty Party (United Kingdom)


A young man finds a place to rest where he dreams about dancing in tune with nature.

Landscape Diaries by Josh Campton (South Australia)


Three friends dance up a storm to awaken the entire world to the inner spark of wonder and individual power within each of us.