Films that make us laugh

The Constantly Dancing Man by Nicholas Fonstin and Matthew Kooy (Victoria)


A mockumentary about a constantly dancing man who finds it difficult to perform everyday tasks and make friends.

Games & Dreams by the Barossa Film Club (South Australia)


Sometimes a familiar board game can turn into a deadly murder – or is it all just a dream?

Handy Home Hints by Tutti Arts Film & New Media (South Australia)


A collection of handy home hints that put a satirical spin on the Lifestyle TV format.

Five of Me by Trisha Ferguson (South Australia)


A woman celebrates her birthday with five friends who appear to be her doppelgangers.

Catsperger by Sam Bateman (South Australia)


A young man with Asperger’s Syndrome lives with his two pet cats, Cleo and Olli who share some of his autistic traits. But are they as talented as Sam?

Pranks at your DNA by Alina Abajas (Victoria)


The crew at Your DNA fall victim to a series of pranks involving hats, fridges and doggy poop!