The illusion of movement

Worlds Destruction by Gary Hobbs (South Australia)


While the world is being destroyed by fire, wind, volcanoes and comets, the white dove of peace survives.

Garlic Fish by Shuk Yee Tsang (United Kingdom)


The rare garlic fish poses many desirable properties other than the ability to make the ultimate garlic bread. As it’s so rare, you really should leave it in its natural habitat or be prepared to face the possibility of your own downfall.

EyeTV 2 by James Kurtze (South Australia)


When James leaves his beloved cat Dexter to go on holiday, Dexter decides to go too. He follows James onto a beautiful white sandy beach and suddenly the two friends find themselves inside a retro 1980s Jega Video Game.

Growing Up by Amechai Bawden (South Australia)


Lots of thoughts and feelings come with growing up and these can be explored through the artistic interpretation of our dreams and how we process them.

Ronin – Life After the Victory by Koba Tskhakaia (Georgia)


Household Alliance by Sam Bateman (South Australia)


Terry Coiner, the coin-based star of last festival’s Pinning Down on Luck is back! This time he takes the forms of various household appliances. As Terry’s nemesis, Elric Scissorhead tries to use these appliances wacky hijinks ensue.

Meet the Mascots by David Toledo (United States of America)


Ribbie is fed up with everyone in the share house eating all his food. He insists Jelly find a job or find a new place to live! Jelly auditions as a band mascot for Seattle band ‘Puppy Love’ but on the day is beaten by local superhero Phoenix Jones, which gives Jelly an idea!