New Media

Cool stuff

Blue Makes Me Feel Like Loving by Dougie Jacobssen (South Australia)


Love is all around, in a painting and words that teach us all how blue can make us very loving.

Organika by Nuno Aymar


A collection of plants with their own language of light, sound and movement.

I Woke Up Sad Today by SA Health Breakaway Productions (South Australia)


“….and gently whispers on the breeze, a reminder to be at ease”.

Northern Lights by Karen Colville (Canada)


Exploring the incredible beauty of northern landscapes while on summer camp reminds us all how important nature is.

No Angelic Mood by Koba Tskhakaia (Georgia)


Watch out for those unknown critters protecting their homes in tree holes – a cautionary tale about not spoiling your life with excessive curiosity.

Blue Moon by Dougie Jacobssen (South Australia)


We watch artist Dougie Jacobssen at work in his studio as he paints his latest artwork – ‘Blue Moon’.

Adam by Emma Allen (United Kingdom)

Adam grey matters

Adam’s head makes the perfect canvas for exploring his inner grey matter.