Films that thrill us

The Deal by Matthew Wauchope (South Australia)


Negotiating is one thing, but delivering on the deal is what really counts.

The Horrors by Andrew Gear (Victoria)


The house of horrors has more secrets than first meets the eye. A cautionary tale about haunted houses and those who live in them.

Teret (Load) by Stefan Teofilovic (Serbia)


An uncommon story about a man who just wants to put an end to a long and tiring day.

Internet by Alma Qoqaj


Anton tries to navigate a man-made ‘internet’ that fills his room to respond to a series of callers and visitors. Is it real or just in a dream? If it’s just a dream why is the ‘internet’ still there when he wakes up?

Emma’s Dream by Jamie Lyons (Victoria)


Dreaming of a friend whom she misses dearly, Emma goes on a surreal exploration of grief where she meets butterflies, bats, monkeys and goblins, before leaving them behind to be with her friends.

Reptalian 24 by Tim Sedgwick (Victoria)


A team of scientists embark on a journey to the other side of the universe where they come face to face with the Reptalian species who give them much more than they bargained for.