Films that inform us

Kimberly’s Art World by Kimberly Sellers (South Australia)


Kimberly takes us on a world tour to meet new people. She teaches them artwork while they tell her about their country.

Lego Fix by James Coulter


James explains what it is about Lego that he loves so much, including use of figurines and the different tools and building features that Lego offers, so you can make great stop motion animations like ‘Saving Bacon’!

Adventures in Yogyakarta by James Kurtze and Joel Hartgen (South Australia)


A travelogue of James and Joel’s visit to Yogyakarta, Indonesia with the Beastly project. See ancient sites, enjoy horse and carriage rides and visit a 3D museum where the travellers interact with the exhibits.

Art and Reactions by Arthur Creative Film Group (Victoria)

Art and Reactions

A visit to an art gallery can be a controversial experience. Sometimes watching people’s reaction to artwork is just as interesting as the artwork itself!

Long Distance Runner by Amechai Bawden (South Australia)


Amechai Bawden loves running. Through steady training he has built his fitness levels to achieve short and long distance running goals. Selected to represent South Australia internationally he would eventually like to compete in triathlons and marathons too.